How can I free up some RAM memory?

  1. If you're actively doing anything in any of your apps, finish doing it because we're going to be exiting all of your apps. When you're done, proceed to the next step.
  2. Fully exit from all of your apps by following these instructions. Those instructions cover exiting a single app, but you should do it for all apps.
  3. Fully power down your device. On most devices this involves holding down the Power button for a while, then taking some action on the screen. E.g.:
    • Clicking a Power Off option (some Android devices)
    • Doing a "Slide to power off" (some iOS devices)
  4. Wait for the device to turn all the way off.
  5. Wait 30 seconds, then power up your device again.
  6. If there are processes that launch on startup that aren't really needed--e.g., maybe a social media app starts running in the background--kill these processes.
  7. Do whatever task it was for which you thought you might have been low on RAM memory. Do it now, before starting up other apps (they would also consume RAM memory).
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