Using iTools to send us a device log (iOS devices only)

The following steps describe how to generate a device log from your iOS device. It will require you to install and run the "iTools" program on your computer.

Note that iTools is *NOT* software from Apple or from Spry Fox. We have used iTools at Spry Fox, but we cannot vouch for the integrity of iTools or its manufacturer. Please keep in mind that installing and using it is at your own risk.

Setting Up

  1. Download and install iTools onto your computer if you don't already have it installed.

Let's Begin

  1. Follow the instructions on this page to fully exit all apps running on your device, including the game with the problem.
  2. Launch the iTools program.
  3. If a screen comes up asking for a license key, there should also be an option to Try it for free. Click the button to Try it for free; we are *not* suggesting that you purchase a license for this product at this time.
  4. After iTools is running on your computer, connect your iOS device to the computer via the appropriate cable.
  5. After a few seconds, iTools should recognize your device and display some info for it onscreen.
  6. In the menu across the top, click "Toolbox".
  7. Click "Real-time Log", which is in the Advanced Features section.
  8. A new window will pop up with some streaming text. This is the device log.
  9. There will initially be a flood of information flowing through the window. Wait for a little while until the flow of new lines slows down somewhat, although it may never fully subside.
  10. On your device, do whatever you have to do to make the problem occur again.
  11. After you've done so, wait about 30 seconds. Then, in the iTools program on your computer, click the Save button and save the file.
  12. Email the file you saved to
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