How do I re-hide the Developer Options? (Android devices only)

Note: As noted on the page about un-hiding the Developer Options menu, not all devices allow you to re-hide this menu.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Choose Apps.
  3. Choose the screen for All apps.
    DeveloperModeDisable_03.jpg DeveloperModeDisable_04.jpg
  4. Scroll down to find Settings in the list of apps, then click it.
    DeveloperModeDisable_05.jpg DeveloperModeDisable_06.jpg
  5. Click "Clear data". When the app asks if you're sure, click OK.
    DeveloperModeDisable_07.jpg DeveloperModeDisable_08.jpg
  6. Relaunch the Settings app. Confirm that "Developer options" is no longer displayed.
    DeveloperModeDisable_09.jpg DeveloperModeDisable_10.jpg DeveloperModeDisable_11.jpg
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