How do I un-hide the Developer Options? (Android devices only)

Developer Options is a menu in the Settings app. It is hidden by default on Android 4.2 and higher; however it can be unhidden on most devices. This page tells you how to un-hide the Developer Options menu.

(Note: not all devices allow you to re-hide this menu afterwards, so do not proceed unless you are okay with possibly having an extra menu in the Settings app.)

  1. Launch the Settings app. Note that your Settings app may have a different icon, and may or may not be on the home screen.
  2. Look for the entry labeled "Build number". Some places it might be are:
    • About phone >> Build number
    • About device >> Build number
    • About tablet >> Build number
    • About phone >> Software information >> Build number
    • About >> Software information >> More >> Build number
    • System >> About phone >> Build number
      DeveloperModeEnable_02.jpg DeveloperModeEnable_03.jpg DeveloperModeEnable_03b.jpg
  3. Click "Build number" three times and a message will pop up saying that "You are now 4 steps away from being a developer."
    DeveloperModeEnable_04.jpg DeveloperModeEnable_05.jpg
  4. Click "Build number" four more times (a total of seven). A message will pop up saying that "You are now a developer!"
    DeveloperModeEnable_06.jpg DeveloperModeEnable_07.jpg
  5. Go back to the first screen of the Settings app. Scroll to the System section and there should now be an option named "Developer options."
    DeveloperModeEnable_08.jpg DeveloperModeEnable_09.jpg DeveloperModeEnable_10.jpg


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