How do I change my device's rotation lock settings?

Please follow the directions below to change your device's rotation lock settings. If you need to do this and we haven't printed the instructions relevant to your device, please email and we'll try to help you from there.


Please follow the instructions on this Apple support webpage. If the link is broken, please email and let us know.


Note: The current behavior of Triple Town on Android is to ignore the device's rotation lock settings in favor of the app's rotation lock settings. I.e., the screenshots below will not affect Triple Town. You can change the Triple Town game's rotation lock settings by following the instructions here.

Android 4.2.2 (Screenshots taken on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus; yours may look slightly different)

  1. Android_RotationLock_4_2_2_a.jpg
  2. Android_RotationLock_4_2_2_b.jpg
  3. Android_RotationLock_4_2_2_c.jpg
  4. Android_RotationLock_4_2_2_d.jpg
  5. Android_RotationLock_4_2_2_e.jpg
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