Contacting the folks at Steam Support

Note: If you're having a problem with a Spry Fox game, do not follow these directions unless you've first interacted with someone from Spry Fox Support or another Spry Fox FAQ specifically told you to contact Steam. If this has already happened, or if your problem doesn't involve a Spry Fox game (sometimes people stumble across this FAQ anyway), then please proceed.

To contact the folks at Steam Support, please follow these directions:

  1. In a web browser, go to this URL:
  2. Sign in to your Steam Support account if you have one; otherwise, create a Steam Support account and then sign in to it.
    • Note that a Steam Support account is distinct from your normal Steam account. Unless you've contacted Steam Support in the past, you'll probably have to create one.
    • Note that, as of 2017-08-18, the option to create a Steam Support account doesn't seem to exist. Spry Fox is not a part of Valve or Steam and thus cannot change their webpage to bring this option back.
  3. Now that you're signed in, go to
  4. Fill out the form. Note that you must complete Step 1 before it will show you Step 2 where you actually get to ask your question. If you're not sure what to answer in Step 1, just enter "Steam" in the first field and take your best guess in the subsequent drop-down boxes.


  5. After you've filled out the form, press the Submit Question button to submit your question.
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