Why am I not seeing this month's Special Event? (AB1, Mobile Version)

Here are a few reasons why you might not be seeing this month's Special Event:

  • Your version of the app is too old. Look for an Alphabear update in your app market. If there is one, install it and then see if you can see the Special Events.
    • Note that just because your version was able to see last month's Special Event doesn't mean that it will be able to see this month's Special Event.
  • It's not currently the week of the Special Event. Special Events generally run over a 7-day period (sometimes longer) at some point during each month. It's not always the same 7 days, as often we'll try to catch a holiday or adjust around a release schedule. Are you sure that the Special Event is currently in progress?
    • Note that the "week" of the Special Event won't necessarily start on a Sunday. E.g., the Special Event in January 2016 ran from a Friday through the following Thursday.
  • Your game hasn't yet downloaded the latest version of the configuration (config) file. We ship config updates "over the air." The app will look for a new config periodically.
    • The game looks for config updates every time you begin playing a normal event or launch the app from the fully exited state. (I.e., if you simply minimized the game or put it to sleep, it won't look when you unminimize/unsleep the game.)
      • Even though it looks at those times, it will only download an updated config file if 3 hours have elapsed since the last time a config file was downloaded.
      • So, if you just installed/updated/played the game in the last 3 hours, it is possible that you haven't yet received the config update.
      • The update may not take effect if you quickly begin playing an event before the new config file is fully downloaded--you'd play the event under the rules in the old config file, and then the next event would be under the rules of the newly downloaded config file.
    • If it has been more than 3 hours since you installed/updated/played the game, fully exit the app and then launch it again while connected to the internet. This should trigger a download of the new config file.
  • You haven't yet completed Chapter 1. Beginning with version 1.14.01, we require you to have completed Chapter 1 before you can play Special Events. Among other reasons, we want to ensure that players have gone through the various tutorials in Chapter 1 and thus know how to play the game.
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