New Daily Events aren't unlocking. The clock goes from a few minutes left to 23 hours left! (Mobile Version)

Actually they probably are unlocking. Please see the screenshots below, and make sure that you're reading the event names carefully.

Before (e.g., let's say that it's Friday night)


After (continuing the example, now it's Saturday)


Common points of confusion

  • Each chapter has fourteen events named for days of the week (two for each day). These are the "Daily Events" for that chapter.
  • You only get to play the current day's Daily Events. E.g., if today is Saturday then you cannot play events named "Friday Whatever" or "Sunday Something." This is true even if you had access to "Friday Whatever" the previous day.
    • It makes sense that yesterday you had access to "Friday Whatever"--yesterday was Friday! But today is Saturday, not Friday. You'll have to wait until next Friday for your next opportunity to play "Friday Whatever".
  • The number of colored-in (unlocked) events doesn't increase as new Daily Events unlock. This makes sense; when the clock strikes midnight, a new day's events are unlocking but the old day's events are re-locking. So the total number of unlocked events doesn't change.
  • Some chapters' event names aren't very creative. E.g., Chapter 2 has the following event names are "Monday Basic", "Tuesday Basic", "Wednesday Basic", etc. Even though all of those names end in "Basic," those are distinct events so far as the game is concerned! They have different board layouts, different score thresholds for getting gold eggs, etc.

I read all that and I still think the game is behaving incorrectly

If you're sure that there's a problem, please email screenshots of the incorrect behavior to In your email, please let us know these things:

  1. What the incorrect behavior is
  2. What the correct behavior should be
  3. Which timezone you are in
  4. What the local time is
  5. Don't forget to include the screenshots!

Note: Please *don't* mess around with your device clock to obtain the screenshots. Alphabear behaves in a manner that some people think is wrong when the device clock is messed with.


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