Alternative method for restoring an Infinite Honey purchase (iOS devices only)

Note: Please do not attempt to restore your Infinite Honey in the manner described on this page unless you've first emailed and been instructed to do so. The preferred way to restore Infinite Honey is found here. Even if you've already tried those steps, do not attempt to restore your Infinite Honey in the manner described on this page unless you've first emailed and been instructed to do so; we will probably have some other troubleshooting options to try before we ask you to use the instructions on this page.

If you didn't read the note above, please do so before proceeding!

What you're going to do is attempt to make the purchase again and allow the app market to realize that you've already made this purchase in the past. The app market should then give you the opportunity to download it again for free. Note that these steps are for iOS *only*. It is possible that not all the same screens will appear, especially if you have different In-App Purchase settings than were on the device used to create these screenshots.

  1. Do this to check your purchase history first. People are occasionally mistaken about which Apple ID their purchase is under. If you're not using the same Apple ID under which the purchase was previously made, you *will* be charged and will not get to Step 8. If you don't see your purchase in the purchase history, either you're using the wrong Apple ID or you should contact iTunes Support and ask why they don't have your purchase on record.
  2. Click the honeycomb icon in the upper-left corner of the Event Select screen.
  3. Click the option to purchase Infinite Honey.
  4. Click "Use Existing Apple ID".
  5. Enter your Apple ID and password. *** This must be the same as the Apple ID that made the original purchase. ***
  6. Click OK.
  7. Confirm that this is the item you wish to purchase.
  8. The app market will recognize that you already own this item and ask if you'd like to get it again for free.
  9. Click OK to acknowledge the success of the operation.
  10. Confirm that you have Infinite Honey.

Note: One person shared that they were stuck on the Please Wait screen forever. They eventually discovered that this was because the Parental Controls were on. After disabling their Parental Controls, they were able to restore their purchase successfully.

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