Such-and-such bear isn't contributing to my score (AB1)

Actually it probably is contributing properly. But if you're doubtful, this is how you can easily prove to yourself that at least the Final Score Bonus is working. (Yes, the bear will take a nap, but if you think it's not contributing then you're not losing anything, right?)

  1. Take the bear by itself into an event.
  2. Click a single letter tile.
  3. Multiply the number on the tile by 5. This is what the score will be if the bear isn't contributing anything.
  4. Compare the result of Step 3 to what is shown in the Submit Bar at the bottom. If the number in the Submit Bar is bigger, then the bear is contributing to your score. All bears have a "Final Score Bonus" which, if nothing else, is what is responsible for the higher number in the Submit Bar.
  5. Finish spelling the word. Before you click the Submit Bar, memorize the number shown in the Submit Bar. Now click the Submit Bar. Confirm that the number displayed in the Submit bar is copied directly to the score in the upper-right corner. Thus, the contribution you saw in Step 4 has been applied to your score. I.e., your bears are contributing to your score, even if the breakdown on the Your Score screen isn't communicating this effectively.


See the screenshot below. The number on the tile is 4. 4x5=20. Since 23 is greater than 20, Fore Bear must be contributing!


But next to my bear's name it says 0 points! Or there is no line item for my bear!

(These are the same issue. In earlier versions of the game we gave every bear a line item, even if the line item was 0 points. In more recent versions, we hide the line item if it's 0 points.)

Points are credited next to the bear's name only if the bear's *secondary power* directly contributed to your point total. So, here are some reasons why a bear might not have a line item or might have a 0 on its line item:

  • Your bear's secondary power doesn't directly grant points. Some examples of this are "P lasts longer", "More S", and "+5 seconds in timed mode".
    • Contrast with "+24 pts for 4-letter words" and "+43 pts for E, A, S, and Y" which do directly grant points.
  • You didn't take advantage of your bear's secondary power to score points. E.g., if you finish an entire event having spelled zero 4-letter words, then Fore Bear will have a 0 on its line item (or won't have a line item at all) because you never took advantage of its "+24 pts for 4-letter words" power to score any points.
  • The power in question is of the pattern "2x pts for R". Prior to version 01.05.00, the points are being earned correctly but are all being credited to Letter Score as opposed to crediting some to the Letter Score and some to the bear's line item. In version 01.05.00 we now attribute some fraction of the points to the bear's line item when this power is used.
    • A PDF explaining the pre-01.05.00 state is here.

Okay, you've proved that it's contributing but I don't understand how it works

You can learn more about scoring here.

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