Why isn't the boss unlocking? Why aren't the unlock requirements decreasing? (Mobile Version)

What is the Boss Event?

The Boss Event is the event in each chapter that you must beat in order to progress to the next chapter. It is not initially available to you; you must first unlock it by completing certain requirements.

How do I know that I'm making progress on unlocking the boss?

If you're on version 1.8 or lower, the Boss Event is probably in a silhouette somewhere on the right side of the event list. If you're on version 1.9 or higher, the boss is colored in with a padlock. In either case, beneath the boss is some text that you can use to track your progress in unlocking the boss.

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Why aren't the boss's unlock requirements decreasing?

The following are some possible reasons why your boss's unlock requirements aren't decreasing:

  • You must get a Gold Egg in order for it to count as beating the event. A Silver Egg does *not* count as beating the event.
  • The Daily Events you beat must be from the same chapter as the boss. E.g., beating Chapter 2 Daily Events will not help you to unlock the Chapter 4 boss.
  • You must beat *distinct* Daily Events in order to satisfy the unlock requirements.
    • For example, the Chapter 3 Boss's requirement is beating 5 Daily Events. It won't unlock if you just beat Friday Outbreak 5 times. It will unlock if you beat Friday Outbreak, Friday Freakout, Monday Mania, Tuesday Trap, and Tuesday Throne once each--or any combination of 5 different Chapter 3 daily events you choose. Each time you beat a daily event you haven't beaten before, you should see the requirement counter decrease by 1. When it gets to 0, the boss will be unlocked!
    • You can't just beat the same Daily Event 5 weeks in a row, either--it's still considered to be the same event regardless of which week you beat it in! E.g., getting a gold egg on Monday Mania every week for the next 10 weeks only counts as beating one unique Daily Event.
  • You may be mistakenly thinking that the Treasure Event or the Challenge Event is a Daily Event. See the section "What is a Daily Event?" at the bottom of this page for more information.
  • There is a bug where, if your high score for an event is a silver egg, then previously earned gold eggs from the same event that had lower scores (this is possible if you earned the gold egg and then we changed the score thresholds) will no longer count toward unlocking the boss. We intend to fix this problem in the future. Prior to the fix coming out, you can get around the problem by earning a new gold egg in which you also surpass the current high score associated with the silver egg.
  • There was a bug where, if the current high score in the event is a silver egg, and you then earn a gold egg but with a score less than the current high score (this is possible if you earned the silver egg and then we changed the score thresholds), then you would receive the rewards of a gold egg but the egg shown on the Event Select screen and considered for unlocking the boss would still be silver. This was fixed in version 01.09.00, which is already out for both iOS and Android. The fix only affects games currently being finished, so if you're already in this situation you can simply earn another gold egg and it should both show up on the Event Select screen and count toward unlocking the boss.

Aren't sure whether you beat an event? Look just under the event. Next to your high score it will show the kind of egg you earned. If it's not a Gold Egg then you haven't beaten that event yet. (If you don't see a high score, you haven't even played that event yet!)

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What is a Daily Event?

Daily Events have the name of a day in their title (e.g., Monday Mania). Each Chapter has fourteen Daily Events--two for each day of the week.

In any given chapter, you only have access to two Daily Events at a time--the two corresponding to the current day of the week. At midnight, the current Daily Events disappear and are replaced with the Daily Events for the next day. E.g., 1 minute after 11:59pm on Monday, I lose access to all Monday Daily Events but gain access to the Tuesday Daily Events. I will have to wait until next week Monday to access the Monday Daily Events again.

Some bosses are unlocked by beating a certain number of Daily Events from that boss's chapter. Note that if the boss requires more than two Daily Events to unlock, then you cannot unlock it in a single day because each chapter has only two Daily Events per day.

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