What are the different event types in Chapters mode? (Mobile Version)

Every event in Chapters mode falls into one of these categories:

  • Daily Event - These events have a day of the week in their name. E.g., "Sunday Story" or "Wednesday Dojo". Daily events rotate at midnight--e.g., you cannot play "Wednesday Dojo" on any day of the week except Wednesday (but don't worry; other days of the week will have their own daily events to play).
    • If the event does *not* have a day of the week in its name (e.g., "Riff Raff"), then it is *not* a Daily Event.
  • Treasure Event - These events costs coins to play rather than honey. Getting a gold egg will give you either a Rare bear or a Legendary bear.
  • Challenge Event - These events are hard, but award Rare bears. In later chapters, getting a gold egg in the Challenge Event is often the prerequisite to unlocking the Boss Event.
  • Boss Event - Getting a gold egg in this event unlocks the next chapter.
    • A chapter's Boss Event will disappear if you've unlocked the next chapter. I.e., it's not replayable once you've beaten it (unlike the other event types in Chapters mode).


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