The Treasure Event isn't awarding me such-and-such bear (Mobile Version)

This page may explain why you're not getting a particular bear from the Treasure Event.

  • Make sure that you're playing the correct Treasure Event for the bear you're trying to win. Each bear is won only from certain events.
  • Make sure that you're winning the correct color egg (Gold or Silver) for the bear that you're trying to win. In most cases, you're probably interested in getting the Gold Egg.
  • Note that not all bears drop with the same frequency. Even in the same tier (e.g., "Rare"), some bears may drop more frequently than others.
    • We don't publicly share the drop rates. Please don't ask.
    • Some players are under the mistaken impression that your chances of getting the rarer bears is higher if you far exceed the required score. This is incorrect. All that matters is the color of the egg; whether you easily earn it or barely earn it makes no difference.
  • A Treasure Event's gold egg rewards are chosen by initially creating a "bucket of bears" in the correct proportion to the drop rate, and then removing one from the bucket and giving it to you each time you earn a gold egg in the Treasure Event. We don't replace the bears until the bucket is empty, so even if you're as unlucky as possible, eventually there will be only one bear in the bucket--the one you've been looking for (although hopefully you'll be luckier than that and get it much earlier). It's a system that we put in place to make sure that people won't have a streak of bad luck that goes on forever.
    • Occasionally a config update (different than an app update--you might not even be aware of when your game downloads a config update) requires us to reset the buckets, possibly before you've finished going through them. This doesn't happen on all config updates, just on specific config updates where we have a need to do so. I am sorry if this has happened to you. Please be assured that, when we do this, there is a good reason behind it.
    • It is quite normal to get duplicates of Bear X before getting your first Bear Y. There are lots of bears in the bucket, and we pull randomly so there's no reason to assume that you'll get one of each bear before getting duplicates.
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