How does the Hourly Coin Bonus system work? (Alphabear, mobile version only)

The Hourly Coin Bonus system replaces the previous system of earning coins. It was activated over-the-air on 2015-09-20 for Android and 2015-09-23 for iOS.

The old system

In the old system, you earned coins each time you completed an event and finished above a certain point threshold. You received 50 coins for the first event, 30 coins for the second, and so on, for a total possible payout (if you completed 23 events in that day) of 195 coins per day.

The Hourly Coin Bonus system

Completing events no longer awards coins (unless it's a special event specifically defined to award coins). Instead, coins accumulate at a rate of 1 every 12 minutes. That's 5 per hour, or 120 in a 24-hour period. This is less than the 195 a player could have collected if they played enough games each day under the old system, but it's actually more than most people were collecting per day under the old system.

  • Note: Coins accumulate whether you are playing or not. Play as much or as little as you want!

Also, under the new system, players with Infinite Honey get 25% more coins (for a total of 150 coins in a 24-hour period), whereas under the old system Infinite Honey did not change the coin payouts.

When enough coins have accumulated, you can collect them on a special screen that looks like this:


The coin collection screen comes up when 6 or more hours have elapsed since the last time you collected coins, and you then launch the game or complete an event. So you could collect every 6 hours if you wanted to do so. Coins stop accumulating when the 24-hour amount is reached, so to maximize your coinage you should make sure to never go more than 24 hours without collecting. As long as you don't let more than 24 hours elapse, there shouldn't be any advantage to collecting more or less often.


  • If you've recently installed the game, the very first time you see the Hourly Coins screen won't be until after 12 hours have passed since you first completed the tutorial.
  • If you just sit on the Event Select screen, the Hourly Coins screen will not appear even if 6 hours worth of coins have accumulated. You must either launch the game or complete an event to trigger the check for whether you have coins to collect.
  • Depending on your device, you may have to fully exit the Alphabear app for your launch to count as a "real" launch. This page shows how to fully exit an app.
  • Please *don't* cheat and adjust your clock forward to trick the game and get coins/honey more quickly than you're supposed to--this will goof up the awarding of honey and hourly coins. If you've already done this, your options are to: 1) reset your clock to the correct time and then wait for the real world to catch up to the cheated date/time, or 2) delete and reinstall the game, and use the game with your clock set to the correct time. Depending on how far into the future you set your clock, the second option is probably easier.
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