How does FSB change as I level up a bear?

There is no publicly available table for how the Final Score Bonus (henceforth, "FSB") grows; there would be too many tables for us to maintain (we keep tweaking things). But the current general idea is this: each bear has 3-4 different growth phases. To use Skinny Bear as an example, he starts at level 1 with a 25% FSB. His first growth phase gives him 25% FSB for each level he earns, but for him this first phase only lasts 1 level--going from level 1 to level 2 he gets +25% FSB for a total of 50% at level 2. Then, from there until level 8, he is in his second growth phase. His FSB% grows by 15% per level in this second growth phase--he should be at 140% at level 8. After level 8, he enters his third and final growth phase--his FSB grows by 1% per level until he hits max level.

Other bears would behave similarly. What differs are the levels at which the growth phase changes, and the % increase per level during each phase.

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