Bear Powers (AB1)

Final Score Bonus (henceforth, "FSB")

As of version 01.03.00, all bears have this (although this may not be the case in the future). FSB is essentially a boost to every point you score in the game. E.g., if your bear has a FSB of 38% and your play without considering the FSB earns 1000 points, then your same play considering the FSB earns you 1380 points.

FSBs are additive. So if you bring three bears that have FSBs of 10%, 30% and 50%, you essentially have a 90% bonus to your score (10+30+50=90).

Note that the effect of the FSB is applied throughout the game, rather than after the score has been tallied. The easiest way to see this is to take only Fore Bear into an event and click a single letter. The normal value of any letter is 5x the counter on the tile; however, you will see that the score in the Submit Bar is higher than this because of the FSB.

You can learn more about FSB on this page.

Bear-specific powers

Please find the entry whose explanation follows the pattern you are interested in. (Last updated for a v1.6 config pushed on 2015-08-24.)

  • +155 pts for all letters (Twilight Bear) - Each time you play any letter, your word's score is increased by 155 points.
    • Twilight Bear
  • +23 pts for 4-letter words (Fore Bear) - If your word has exactly 4 letters, then your word's score is increased by 23 points. (This does mean that a 5-letter word might earn fewer points than a 4-letter word!)
    • Alien Bear
    • Devil Bear
    • Fore Bear
    • Goldilocks Bear
    • Hexabee Bear
    • Lucky Bear
    • Octo Bear
    • Pig Bear
  • +37 pts for E, A, S, & Y (Easy Bear) - Each time you play an E, A, S, or Y, your word's score is increased by 37 points.
    • Bucky Bear
    • Cat Bear
    • Childish Bear
    • Doggy Bear
    • Earth Bear
    • Easy Bear
    • Equinox Bear
    • Finch Bear
    • Franken Bear
    • Frogprince Bear
    • Funky Bear
    • Ghost Bear
    • Gold Bear
    • Happy Bear
    • Jazzy Bear
    • Kissy Bear
    • Milky Bear
    • Mummy Bear
    • Preppy Bear
    • Quacky Bear
    • Viking Bear
    • Wary Bear
    • X-ray Bear
    • Yodel Bear
    • Zesty Bear
  • +5 seconds in timed mode (Stretch Bear) - If you're playing a timed game, this adds an extra 5 seconds to the starting time.
    • Bacon Bear
    • Captain Bear
    • Chef Bear
    • Grim Bear
    • Ninja Bear
    • Nostalgia Bear
    • Raven Bear
    • Slasher Bear
    • Stretch Bear
  • +542 pts for T at 1 turn left (Tea Bear) - If you play a letter T whose counter is exactly 1, then you get 524 extra points. If you play a letter T whose counter is not exactly 1, then you don't get the extra points.
    • Dark Bear
    • Rocker Bear
    • Tea Bear
  • <No power besides FSB> (Zebra Bear) - This bear contributes only via FSB.
    • House Bear
    • Koala Bear
    • Zebra Bear
  • 2x pts for R (Robot Bear) - Your word's score is doubled for each R in the word. (Well, technically it's a little weird. If the word you played has zero R's, then you get 1x the points you'd normally get--you didn't take advantage of the power at all on this turn, so you don't get any extra points. If the word you played has one or more R's, the multiplier is not 1x; instead we start at 0x and add 2x for each R, and the end result is your multiplier. So if your word has one R, the multiplier is 2x; if your word has five R's your multiplier is 10x, etc. If you have several such bears active at the same time, we do the same thing--add the appropriate number to the multiplier for each relevant letter that you played.)
    • Egg Bear
    • Emo Bear
    • Jolly Bear
    • Omega Bear
    • Questy Bear
    • Robot Bear
    • Unicorn Bear
    • Veggie Bear
    • Yeti Bear
  • More S (Skinny Bear) - The letter S will appear more frequently on the board.
    • Coffee Bear
    • De Bear
    • Golfing Bear
    • Jinxy Bear
    • Phobia Bear
    • Pirate Bear
    • Robber Bear
    • Skinny Bear
    • Vampire Bear
    • Zzz Bear
  • P lasts longer (Panda Bear) - A 'P' revealed on a normal square or that is already revealed at the start of the event will be considered to have a Star Lifetime instead of the Opener Lifetime or Normal Lifetime it would otherwise have.
    • Brainy Bear
    • Panda Bear
    • Tardy Bear
    • Werebear
    • Zombie Bear
  • Select 1 extra bear (Box Bear) - Add 1 to Max Bears Selected.
    • Box Bear
    • Buddy Bear
  • Z, X, and Q are banned (Toddler Bear) - Z, X, and Q will not appear on the board.
    • Bossy Bear
    • Toddler Bear
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