How do I start my game over from the beginning? (Alphabear Mobile Version)

If you have signed into Google Play Games from Alphabear

If you've signed into Google Play at any point while playing Alphabear, you should automatically have a cloud save. If you delete and reinstall the game then sign back into Google Play Games, the game will automatically choose the game data that has the most playtime (total time spent playing events) and start using that as the new cloud save data. This means:

  • If your local save has more playtime, the cloud save data will be overwritten by your local save data.  
  • If the cloud save has more playtimetime, the game will load the cloud data and overwrite your local save data.

You have two options if you want to get around always loading the cloud save.

  • Reinstall the game and then never sign in to Google Play Games Service from Alphabear.
  • Similar to the above bullet, but you can sign in again AFTER the total gameplay time on your device is larger than the total playtime of the cloud save. I.e., if your cloud save has 90 minutes of playtime, then your device's save will overwrite the cloud save if you sign in after amassing 91 minutes of playtime. But, if you sign in before 90 minutes have been amassed, the cloud save would overwrite the device's save. (Since you can't see how much playtime is on your device or your cloud save, I'd significantly overshoot just to make absolutely sure I was over.)
    • Please keep in mind that the playtime that matters is time in an event (i.e., you see letters on the game board and the game isn't yet over). Time in the Event Selection screen, the Bear Collection screen, and any other screen doesn't count toward this playtime.

In all other cases

You can start the game over from the beginning by deleting and reinstalling the game.  This will wipe out all local game save data including bears, coins, honey, high scores, and chapter/event progress.

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