How does honey work? (AB1)

Here is some information on honey:

  • "Honey" is the currency used in Alphabear that allows you to play most types of events.
  • Each event type has its own honey cost. Playing an event reduces your honey balance by the honey cost of the event.
  • If your honey is below 120, you will gain 1 honey every 90 seconds until you reach 120.  
  • If you are below the threshold mentioned above, your honey will recharge even if you turn off the game. If you run out of honey, just come back to the game in a few hours!

There is also a "Honey Menu" that can be accessed by clicking on the honeycomb icon in the upper left of the Event Select screen. The Honey Menu has the following options:

  • Watch an ad: You can gain 40 honey by watching a video ad. (Please note: each ad is downloaded individually, so please keep this in mind if you are watching lots of ads and have limited data!)
  • Buy Infinite Honey: With Infinite Honey, you can play as many events as you want without ever running out of honey!
  • Buy Honey with Coins: By spending some coins, you can buy yourself some honey immediately.

The aforementioned Honey Menu also comes up if you click on an event for which you don't have enough honey.

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