Why are my bears napping? When do they wake up from the nap? (Alphabear, mobile game only)

Why is my bear napping?

Bears will "take a nap" after each use. If a bear is napping, it's probably because you used it recently in an event.

What does it mean if a bear is napping?

Napping bears cannot be taken into an event--you'll have to choose different bears to use until your napping bears are awake again. (You might refer to a napping bear as being "on cooldown," if you are familiar with this terminology.)

How long will my bear nap?

Different bears nap for different periods of time, and generally the bears that give more powerful bonuses also take longer naps. You can click on a napping bear in the Bear Selection screen to see how much longer it will nap.

Napping bears will wake up naturally after their naptime is complete, or you can wake them up earlier by spending coins or watching an ad.

Can I wake up my bear earlier?

Yes, you can! You can wake bears earlier by either spending coins or by watching an ad. (Ad-watching is an option only for Common and Rare bears.) The coin cost varies with the amount of time left until the bear would naturally awaken.

  1. Click the bear that you want to wake.
  2. Click the option corresponding to how you'd like to wake the bear: spending coins or watching an ad.

How will I play if all my bears are napping?

If all your bears are napping, you are allowed to play with zero bears selected. However, if any bears are awake, then you have to take at least one bear into each event.

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