Troubleshooting "Unlock All Cities" (SBS, iOS version only)

Q: In Steambirds: Survival I purchased "Unlock All Cities" but I don't have it any more

As long as you're using the same iTunes account, you should be able to restore the purchase without being charged again simply by clicking on the option to unlock and entering your username/password when it asks for it. If you're worried about being charged (for example, because you're not sure which account you used to buy the unlocked version), the steps below are the long-but-safe way to absolutely ensure you are not charged again:

  1. Connect your iPhone/iPod/iPad to your computer, and in iTunes, perform the "Transfer all purchases" and "Backup" and "Sync" operations. 
  2. At the top left of iTunes, select "Store->View My Account" (make sure that you are signed in to iTunes with the same account that you originally made your in-app purchase (IAP) with)
  3. Enter your iTunes password when prompted
  4. Go down to Purchase History and "See All"
  5. Locate your Steambirds: Survival IAP transaction. If you can see this transaction, proceed with the next step:
  6. From the Main Menu, click on "Play"
  7. Look at the Unlock all cities & Disable Ads button.
  8. If the padlock is unlocked, then your IAP has reactivated itself
  9. If the padlock is still locked, click on the "Unlock all cities & Disable Ads button"
  10. Click on the "Buy" button (provided you have confirmed that your IAP exists in your iTunes account Purchase History, you will not be charged twice for this purchase)
  11. You will now be prompted to enter your iTunes account login. Again, be absolutely certain that you are logging in with the correct iTunes account that you previously made this IAP with!!
  12. You will then be informed, that you have already made this purchase and the "Unlock all Cities & Disable Ads" button will be unlocked and activated correctly.
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