The Options menu in mod1 is broken. I get this error: "** ERROR ** translate: 'restart_career_option' doesn't exist"

Mod1's language files (english.json, french.json, etc.) are missing some lines that the game needs in order to construct the Options menu. Please follow these steps to restore them. Note that you only *have* to repair the file for the language you are currently playing in. But if you eventually want to distribute and/or use the mod in all languages, then you should repair all of the files.


I'll use english.json as the example, but the same steps apply to all language files.

  1. In the Steam application, choose the Library tab
  2. In the list of games, right-click Road Not Taken and choose Properties.
  3. Choose the Local Files tab.
  4. Click Browse Local Files.
  5. Drill down into your mods folder.
  6. Drill down into your mod1 folder.
  7. Open the file english.json in a text editor.
  8. Search for the string "shrine_home_respawn_message_ok" (no quotes).
  9. Below it is where the missing lines should go. Add the following lines:

    ,"restart_career_option": "Restart Game"
    ,"restart_career_title": "Are you sure? This will permanently kill your character."
    ,"restart_career_no": "Never mind."
    ,"restart_career_yes": "Yes, go ahead."

  10. It should now look like the screenshot below. If it does, save the file.
  11. Launch the game.
  12. Press X to open the Options menu. It should no longer give the error.

So what are those lines in other languages?


,"restart_career_option": "Restart Game"
,"restart_career_title": "Are you sure? This will permanently kill your character."
,"restart_career_no": "Never mind."
,"restart_career_yes": "Yes, go ahead."


,"restart_career_option": "Redémarrer jeu"
,"restart_career_title": "Êtes-vous sûr? Cela tuera définitivement votre personnage."
,"restart_career_no":"Non, continuer la partie."
,"restart_career_yes":"Oui, confirmer."


,"restart_career_option": "Neustart game"
,"restart_career_title": "Sind Sie sicher? Dies wird dauerhaft Ihr Charakter zu töten."
,"restart_career_no":"Nein, ich möchte weiterspielen."
,"restart_career_yes":"Ja, weiter."


,"restart_career_option": "Ricominciare gioco"
,"restart_career_title": "Sei sicuro? Ciò definitivamente uccidere il tuo personaggio."
,"restart_career_no":"No, continua a giocare."
,"restart_career_yes":"Sì, continua."


,"restart_career_option": "最初からやり直す"
,"restart_career_title": "現在のゲームを終了します。本当に最初からやり直しますか?"
,"restart_career_no": "やっぱりこのまま続ける。"
,"restart_career_yes": "はい。別れのキスを…"


,"restart_career_option": "Reiniciar la historia"
,"restart_career_title": "¿Seguro que quieres reiniciar la historia? No se puede deshacer."
,"restart_career_no": "No. ¡Sácame de aquí!"
,"restart_career_yes": "Si. Terminar esta historia."

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