The game hangs on the loading screen. I hear the wind but never get into the game.

There are probably a number of possible reasons why this could occur. Please try the things here, then email if you are still unable to play.

  • The most common cause is that your screen resolution is larger than the game can handle. Please try the following:
    1. Temporarily lower your screen resolution. A resolution of 1366 x 768 works for me, but you might have to go smaller.
    2. Launch the game. (Hopefully this will bypass the problem and you'll get into the game. If it does not, the rest of this solution will not work.)
    3. Follow these directions to switch to Windowed Mode:
    4. Restore your screen resolution to its original setting.
    5. Done! Your screen is back at its normal resolution, and the game runs fine because windowed mode gives it freedom not to scale up to a resolution it cannot handle.
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