The game is laggy or has a bad frame rate (FPS). What can I do? (Steam version only)

Some people have complained that the game is laggy or has a bad frame rate (FPS a.k.a. Frames Per Second). Others have reported that the game runs just fine. If the game is experiencing these problems on your computer, here are some things to try:

  • Enable Flash hardware acceleration. The following page discusses how to do this:
    • A player has advised us of the following: "If you normally use Chrome as your browser, be aware the Flash in Chrome is not the same Flash that the game will use. Chrome has Flash built in. I had hardware acceleration on in Chrome, but I checked in IE and it was off. Turned it on in IE Flash, restarted the game, and now it is perfect."
  • Play the game in windowed mode, not full-screen.
  • Ensure that your computer is running as few applications as possible while playing. Your computer's finite resources are shared across all running applications, and in some cases running lots of things simultaneously can noticeably slow down the game.
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