Finding your Road Not Taken Save File (Steam version only)

Please follow these directions to find your Road Not Taken Save File on Steam (email if you have questions):

  1. Start from the Steam application. If the word "LIBRARY" is not already highlighted, click it to switch to the LIBRARY view.
  2. Look through the list of games to find Road Not Taken.
  3. Right-click Road Not Taken. This will bring up a pop-up menu.
  4. In that pop-up menu, click Properties. This will bring up the Properties window.
  5. In the Properties window, click the tab labeled "LOCAL FILES". This will switch you to the LOCAL FILES tab.
  6. Click the button labeled "BROWSE LOCAL FILES...". This will open your computer's file browsing program (Windows Explorer or the equivalent). The folder that it opens to will contain several files and folders related to Road Not Taken.
  7. Go into the "saves" folder. You should see one or more numbered folders. Each number corresponds to a Steam account that has played Road Not Taken from your computer.
  8. Go into the numbered folder corresponding to your Steam account. If you play while NOT signed into Steam then it IS the folder named "0"; otherwise it's a folder with a much longer number**. Once you've gone into the folder, this will show you the RoadNotTakenData.dat file, which is your main Road Not Taken Save File.
    • There are also save files here for each mod you've played.
    • And each save file has a backup, whose name ends in "_backup.dat"

** Note: If in Step 8 you are not sure which numbered folder to go into, what you should do is go into all of them one at a time and look at the Last Modified Date of each RoadNotTakenData.dat file. The one corresponding to the last time you played from the relevant account is the correct folder to be in.

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