How to play Robin Bear! (Mobile game only)


Robin Bear is a new game mode that was added to the v1.89 update of Triple Town for all users who have the Unlimited Turns feature! In this game mode, hooded "Robin Bears" appear and add a new level of challenge to the game.


Here are the rules for Robin Bear:

  1. The normal movement of a Robin Bear is one square left, right, up, or down, just like a normal bear.
  2. A Robin Bear will steal points if he ends his turn next to buildings (except churches and cathedrals) or treasure chests. If he is next to more than one thing he can steal from, he will only steal from one of them.
  3. Much like a Ninja Bear, a Robin Bear can teleport. However, he will only teleport on the turn after he steals points! (After stealing, he will occasionally hop in place anxiously. This means he is about to teleport!) When a Robin Bear is about to teleport, he cannot be trapped unless your next move prevents him from being able to teleport elsewhere. Unlike a Ninja Bear, a Robin Bear cannot teleport to a clearing that only has one open square (this is the case even if he'd land in a space from which he could steal and thus be ready to teleport again).
  4. When a Robin Bear steals, you lose points equal to 10% of the point value of the "normal" version of the building. E.g., a "normal" hut awards 500 points when built, so you lose 50 points when Robin Bear steals from a hut. However, "super" objects (objects that were created by combining 4 or more objects) do not cause you to lose more points despite being worth more points when built. E.g., a normal hut and a super hut both lose 50 points when stolen from.
  5. Points cannot go below zero, so you can't get negative scores! In fact, you can take advantage of this by disregarding the Robin Bears' stealing early in the game (they can never make your points drop below zero!) and setting up to get lots of points later in the game.
  6. Very Important: Unlike normal bears and ninja bears, Robin Bears give you points when they die if their deaths form a church on that very turn (i.e., you don't get points if you turn a Robin Bear into a tombstone now and combine the tombstone into a church later). The number of points is based on the number of bears (normal or Robin) that die simultaneously to form the church. Here's the formula:

    (points received) = 500 * (number of bears that die) ^ 2

    The formula scales with the square of the number of bears killed in the turn. So, while making a church by killing only a single Robin Bear will give you 500 points, making a church by killing a group of 10 normal and Robin Bears will give you 50,000 points--100 times as much! You can earn literally hundreds of thousands of points in a single move if you make a church with enough bears, so long as there is at least one Robin Bear involved!

That's about it! Happy gaming! :) :) :)

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