Triple Town Inventory Size (computer version only)

Capital City Items

There is theoretically no limit to the number of inventory slots that can be taken up by items used in the Capital City (Cranes, Lumber, Bear Statues, Expansions, etc.). Keep as many as you want!

Main Game Items

A maximum of 6 inventory slots can be filled by non-Capital City items. Different item types will fill up a slot more quickly than others.

Item Maximum Number Per Slot
Bush 7
Cathedral 1
Church 3
Crate 5
Crystal 1
Fortune Cookie 5
Grass 10
House 1
Hut 3
Imperial Bot 1
Large Treasure Chest 5
Pocket Watch (50 moves) 5
Small Pocket Watch (10 moves) 5
Time Machine 5
Tree 5
Undo Last Move 5
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