How can I back up my Triple Town save data? (Steam version only)

Backing up your save data

Backing up your save data might be a good idea just in case your save file gets wiped out or corrupted for some reason. (Fortunately this is a rare occurrence. Almost every case we've heard of involves losing power while the game is running). To back up your save data, please do the following:

  1. If you're currently in the game, exit from the game.
  2. Follow these instructions to find your save files.
  3. In the folder that you identified in Step 2, look for the following file: TripleTownData.dat . This is the file that contains your save data. Copy this file to an alternative location.

Using your backup to recover your progress

  1. If you're currently in the game, exit from the game.
  2. Return to the folder described in Step 2 above. Delete the files TripleTownData.dat and TripleTownData_backup.dat.
  3. Get the TripleTownData.dat that you'd copied to an alternative location in Step 3 above. Copy it to the place where you just deleted TripleTownData.dat and TripleTownData_backup.dat.
  4. Launch the game and confirm that your progress has been restored.
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