Turning off Fuel (formerly Grantoo) Tournament Notifications (Mobile game only)

This page contains instructions for turning off notifications from the Fuel Tournaments.

Note: Some Android players have mentioned that, after they disable the notification by following the steps here, their devices re-enable the setting. Since this problem does not occur on most devices, we suspect that this is a problem specific to the device or Android version rather than a bug in the game. If you are experiencing this problem, please try disabling notifications both within the game (the v1.89.5 method) and at the device level (the v1.89.4 and earlier method), Most people should only have to disable it in one way, not both.

Triple Town v1.89.5 and later

  1. Click the gear icon. This will open the Options menu. (If you don't see the gear icon, finish completing the Tutorial to make it appear.)
  2. Click the Disable Notifications button.

Triple Town v1.89.4 and earlier


Lower than Android 4.1 (or if the steps for Android 4.1 and higher do not work for your device)

Android versions below 4.1 don't have a built-in way to turn off an app's notifications. Here is an alternative that seems to work:

Force Stopping the app when you don't want to be disturbed

Our experience suggests that Force Stopping the app will prevent notifications from arriving. Instructions for Force Stopping an app can be found here:

Note that exiting Triple Town from the app carousel is not the same as Force Stopping it; a process continues to run in the background listening for notifications until the app is Force Stopped. Rebooting the device also does not inherently Force Stop the app; after the reboot, the app will be in whichever state (stopped or not) it was in prior to the reboot.

Android 4.1 and higher

Android 4.1 introduced the ability to turn off notifications on an app-by-app basis. Please follow the screenshots below to do this (your device's menus might be slightly different from what is shown, but the general idea should be the same).

(Note: Some players have experienced that, though they turn off notifications in this manner, their notification settings are reset whenever their device is rebooted. Spry Fox and Fuel have investigated this and, to the best of our knowledge, this is an issue with either the particular device or the particular operating system, not a bug in the app. If you are experiencing this, please follow the steps for "Lower than Android 4.1")

  1. Open your list of installed apps.
  2. Look for the "Settings" app. (Note, this is different than the "Google Settings" app.
  3. Launch the "Settings" app.
  4. Click the Apps entry.
  5. Look for "Triple Town" in the list of apps.
  6. Click the "Triple Town" entry.
  7. Look for the "Show notifications" option and choose to disable it. The screenshot shows a checkbox, but it may be a button or other UI element.
  8. Confirm the decision to turn off notifications.
  9. Done!


The screenshots below were taken on an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1. The same steps apply for all supported iOS devices, but the screens and labels may be slightly different. In particular, the "Notification Center" might just be called "Notifications" on your device.

  1. Launch the "Settings" app.
  2. Click the "Notification Center" entry.
  3. Look for "Triple Town".
  4. Click the "Triple Town" entry.
  5. Click the UI element that sets the Alert Style to "None".
  6. Click the UI element that turns "Sounds" off.
  7. Click the UI element that turns "Badge App Icon" off.
  8. Done!


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