FAQs about Boom Town Multiplayer / the Fuel (formerly Grantoo) tournaments (iOS and Google Play versions only)

Note: Unfortunately, the weekend of 2017-07-23 was the final Boom Town Multiplayer tournament. The company that had provided that functionality to us recently changed owners and, as a result, appears to be deprioritizing this aspect of their service. We'll miss you, Boom Town Multiplayer!


Info below is now obsolete per above :(


iOS and Android players occasionally have the option to play the Boom Town map in a Multiplayer fashion. This article answers some questions we've been asked about the Boom Town Multiplayer game mode.

Q: Boom Town Multiplayer disappeared from my game!

That's probably correct. The Boom Town Multiplayer option is supposed to come and go. It is available only when a Fuel Tournament is being held (there is more information below on Fuel Tournaments). If there's no tournament running, you can't play multiplayer and the game won't display it as an option. More info on when tournaments are held and for how long can be found later in this FAQ.

Q: In a nutshell, what is Boom Town Multiplayer?

Boom Town Multiplayer is a feature enabled by our partner, Fuel. At the most basic level, you can think of it as two players playing Boom Town independently, and then comparing scores to see who "won". You can engage in many of these 1v1 competitions over the course of a Fuel Tournament.

Q: Do I need anything special to play Boom Town Multiplayer?

You need Triple Town v1.89.2 or higher to play Boom Town Multiplayer. You also need to be connected to the Internet so that the Triple Town app can connect to the Fuel servers.

Q: How can I play Boom Town Multiplayer?

Click the appropriate option in the "Select a map" menu.


Q: Why isn't the Boom Town Multiplayer option always available?

The Boom Town Multiplayer option is available only when a Fuel Tournament is being held.

Q: When do the Fuel Tournaments occur?

Fuel Tournaments are special events. They generally occur weekly, starting at roughly 00:01 UTC Time on Sundays (that's Saturday afternoon/evening in the continental US) and running for 24 hours. There have definitely been tournaments that don't start on that day/time, too, so keep your eyes open!

Q: If there is no regular schedule, how will I know when a Fuel Tournament is running?

Since there is no regular schedule, you'll have to check in the "Select a map" screen every so often--if there is currently a tournament running then Boom Town Multiplayer should be an option. Alternatively, in the Fuel options menu, there is a screen for Tournament Info that will tell you when the next tournament is scheduled (but you can't access it unless a tournament is currently running):

  1. NextTourny1.jpg
  2. NextTourny2.jpg
  3. NextTourny3.jpg
  4. NextTourny4.jpg

Q: How long does each Fuel Tournament last?

For Triple Town, most Fuel Tournaments will last 24 hours or less..

Q: Why is Boom Town Multiplayer an option on one of my devices but not another?

This is a bug that we're aware of but haven't figured out yet. The tournament state (active/inactive) should be the same for all devices, but reports have come in saying that the Boom Town Multiplayer option disappears from one device while still being available on the other for a little while. If you encounter this again, please follow the steps on this page to generate log files from both devices. When you email us the logs, please mention at what time the problem occurred and in which time zone so that we can figure out whether the tournament should have been running or not.

Q: Do my opponent and I start with the exact same game board?

No, you don't start with the exact same game board. You don't get the same sequence of items, either. On the positive side, you can always try to blame the computer when you lose (although if the same opponent beats you 9 times out of 10 then you're probably the one who has to practice more). Another positive: If you and a friend want to determine who the better Boom Town player is, you get to play a lot of Boom Town while doing so! (One game alone won't settle anything--the winner may have just gotten lucky with his/her board or items.)

Q: What do the "levels" mean? What are "rounds"? And what is "rounds to next"?


"Levels" are measures of your progress within the Fuel environment. Basically, the more you play within the Fuel environment, the higher your level will become. As you increase in level, you get access to more abilities within Fuel (e.g., sending your own Challenges) which are not available to lower-level players.

"Rounds" may make more sense if you think of two opponents in a best-of-5 competition: there will be 5 rounds played, and whoever wins the majority of those 5 rounds will be declared the winner of the competition. But since this is a Boom Town competition, it basically means that each round consists of one Boom Town game played by each side.

Completing rounds is the means by which you increase in Level (described earlier in the response to this question). "Rounds to next" is a counter informing you of how many more rounds you must play in order to reach the next level.

Q: "Are opponents for random games selected by skill level?"

Our contact at Fuel says: "Yes, but this is not to be confused with the levels from the above question.  We track (but do not currently display) an 'ability' rating per player, and use this to determine matchups when a player seeks out a random opponent."

Q: When I add a friend in the Fuel user interface, do my friends know that I've added them?

Our contact at Fuel says: "No, it's a one-way 'friend' system.  This allows players to add and compile a list of people they enjoy playing with / against."

Q: Will there be non-Boom Town tournaments?

Maybe in the future, but there are no plans at this time.

Q: How do I stop playing Boom Town Multiplayer and return to my "regular" games?

The instructions on this page show you how to exit from Boom Town Multiplayer.

Q: Why does the Android version require so many permissions to support Boom Town Multiplayer?

This page contains more information about why we need certain permissions.

Q: I turned off the sound from the game's Options Menu, but I can still hear notifications when they come in. What's up with that?

The game's Sound setting does not affect notifications. Please follow the directions here if you don't want to be interrupted by notifications.

Q: How do I turn off notifications?

Please follow the directions here.

Q: Notifications kept coming up even though the option to play Boom Town Multiplayer was no longer there. Why would this be the case?

We're not sure. This is possibly related to the bug described in one of the questions above where the tournament state (active/inactive) is not the same for all devices. If your opponent sends a challenge because his/her device thinks the tournament is still running, you'll get a notification even if your device thinks the tournament is not running.

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