What are the coin awards on the Boom Town map?

(The information on this page was current at the time this post was originally made; however, subsequent game updates may have changed point values or game behavior.)

Opening Treasure Chests

The following are the coin awards for opening treasure chests:

  • Opening a small chest gets you 5 coins.
  • Opening a large chest gets you 100 coins.

Completing a Game

The following table shows the points awarded for completing a game of Boom Town. Note that the rankings in question are your local rankings, not the rankings on the global leaderboards.

Requirement Coins
Getting the highest score* 1000
Getting the 2nd highest score* 500 
Getting the 3rd highest score* 400
Getting the 4th highest score* 300 
Getting the 5th highest score* 200 
Getting anything else* 20 
*However, if the game ends before time is up, you only get 5 coins regardless of how well you placed.
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