How do multipliers work in Boom Town?

Multipliers do what they imply--they multiply! And oh yes, they do it well. When you make certain combinations, you are awarded multiplier bonuses.


Multiplier bonuses multiply your score even higher. Here's a breakdown for what combinations get you multiplier bonuses:

Doing this......adds this!

Create a Church x 0.2
Create a Cathedral x 1.0
Open a Small Treasure Chest x 1.5
Open a Large Treasure Chest x 2.0
Create a Mountain x 0.5
Create a Castle x 1.0
Create a Floating Castle x 2.0
Create a Triple Castle x 3.0
Combine 4 objects x 0.1
Combine 5 objects x 0.2
Combine 6 objects x 0.4
Combine 7 objects x 0.6

(Don't know how to make one of the objects that was mentioned? No problem! This graphic shows the recipes for the various game objects.)

And there you have it! Now, get those multipliers multiplying!

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