What's up with the "super" Capital City objects (created by combining 4 or more lower-tier objects)?

As in the normal game, "super" Capital City objects are created by matching 4 or more lower-level objects as opposed to the normal 3. As of the original posting of this article, the only difference between the "super" Capital City objects and the normal Capital City objects is the graphic; both normal and super objects have the same drop rates for their various items. E.g., both the normal Shed (Tier-3 Industrial object) and the super Shed have the same percentage chance to drop Coins (versus Ore, which what you receive in the cases where you don't get Coins), and the amount of Coins or Ore dropped is the same for both normal and super Sheds.


Note that currently a super object will lose its special graphic when a Crane is used on it. This is the case regardless of whether the object is placed into inventory, moved directly to a new location, or even placed back in the original spot. As of the original posting of this article, there is no known way to avoid this behavior.

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