Where did the "Peaceful Valley" mode go? (Or any other mode that seems to be missing)

Different boats dock at your Capital City every so often. If you don't see a boat to Peaceful Valley (or whichever board you desire to play on) today, you may see one tomorrow. Read below for more info on how to get the boat you want.

Boat mechanics

  • The Standard Colony boat and the Tutorial boat never rotate out.
  • Each of the other boats *may* rotate out if it: 1) doesn't have an in-progress game, and 2) hasn't been played in 24 hours.
    • Just because a boat meets these conditions doesn't mean that it is guaranteed to rotate out. Whether it does rotate out is randomly determined.
  • Look at a boat's white sails to determine whether it has an in-progress game.
    • A boat with deployed white sails denotes a game in progress.
    • A boat with rolled-up white sails denotes that there is no game in progress.
  • A new boat can't rotate in unless a docked boat rotates out.

So how do I get the boat I want?

  • Make sure that at least one of the three boats in the lower-left corner has its white sails rolled up. (As mentioned, the upper-most and right-most boats will never rotate out, so they don't matter.) The white sails have to be rolled up, or there's zero chance that the boat will rotate out.
    • If the white sails are deployed, you can finish that boat's game to make the white sails roll up.
  • Don't touch that boat for 24 hours. You can play on the other boats, just not on that boat.
  • Check back in 24 hours, and that boat may have rotated out and been replaced with the boat you want. If not, check back in another 24 hours. Eventually your ship will come in!

I like this boat! How can I keep it from leaving?

  • Make sure that there's always an active game on that boat. As long as the boat has an in-progress game, it can never rotate out.
  • If you just ended your game and are about to quit playing, take a few seconds to start a new game on that boat before you quit. You don't have to play long; a single move is enough to qualify as an in-progress game.
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