Why don't I have an option to watch a video? (Triple Town, mobile version only)

When you run out of turns or Boom Town plays, you generally have to wait for a while until your turns/plays have recharged. However, sometimes you will have the option to watch a video for more turns/plays.

TTm_Ad_For_More_Turns.jpg TTm_Ad_For_More_Boom_Town_Plays.jpg

The following are some legitimate reasons why you might *not* see these options. They all fall into the realm of "if there's no video available to watch, then we don't display the option for you to watch it."

  • If your game cannot connect to the ad server then you won't have an option to watch the video. Note that this can happen even if your device has a working internet connection (e.g., the problem could be on the ad server's side).
  • We receive only a limited number of videos per time period. You might not see video if you and your fellow players have collectively exhausted all of the videos we have for that time period.
  • Because the supply of videos is not infinite, we also limit each device to a certain number of videos per time period. This is so that a small number of individuals don't burn through the entire community's videos.
  • One or more of our ad providers may not service your particular geography.
  • On some older/lower-end devices we don't serve some ad providers' videos for technical reasons.

Note: If you see these options but they don't seem to be working properly, that's definitely a problem. Please report it as described in this FAQ.


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