What happens if I delete and reinstall Triple Town? (Mobile game only)

This page describes what you can expect to occur if you delete and later reinstall the game. (Note: this behavior may change as devices, operating systems, and Triple Town evolve. As a result, this FAQ is more of a heads-up as to what you might lose than a promise of what you'll get to keep.)

  • Progress in the game will be lost. So will your local high scores and local achievements. You will unfortunately have to earn these again.
    • Exception: Some Boom Town high scores are saved.
  • Android players will lose their coins. iOS players do not because of a difference in how things are saved.
  • Turns:
    • If you own Unlimited Turns then you can ignore this bullet because you can get your Unlimited Turns back.
    • Android players and most iOS players have 50 turns immediately after a reinstall, NOT the 1500 that a brand new user starts with. This is to protect us from people who attempt to avoid the energy system by reinstalling instead of by purchasing Unlimited Turns. If you had to reinstall for other reasons and lost out on your large quantity of initial turns, I'm sorry about this--the game cannot distinguish the intent behind a reinstall.
    • On iOS, if you uninstalled with Unlimited Turns active, you start with 250 turns immediately after the reinstall. This is not the case on Android because of a difference in how things are saved.
  • Purchases made with coins will be lost. E.g., if you purchased the Winter graphics with coins, you will no longer have them after the reinstall. Purchases made with coins are unfortunately NOT restorable; you will have to earn them again.
  • Consumable purchases made with real money cannot be restored. The best example is purchasing Coins with real money. It wouldn't make sense for a player to purchase Coins once, enjoy consuming them all, then reinstall the game and get them all back for free via a Restore so he can consume them all again.
  • Non-consumable purchases made with real money (e.g., the Animals bundle) CAN be restored since their purchase has been recorded by the app market (Amazon AppStore, iTunes, or Google Play). Please follow these directions to Restore them.
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