An ad for 40 Turns or a Boom Town play doesn't seem to be working correctly (Triple Town, mobile version only)

When ads for 40 Turns or a Boom Town play aren't working, the problem is often that we've received a broken ad from the ad provider. We need your help to identify the broken ad so we can let the ad provider know. Then they can either fix or remove the ad, and things should work again.

To help us identify the ad, please generate a log file of the problem by following the directions here.

In addition, or if you're not able to do that, please let us know the following information:

  1. Which version of Operating System is your device running? (iOS 5.0.x, Android 2.2.x, CyanogenModx, MIUI, etc.)
  2. Which model of device are you playing on? (iPhone 4, Acer Iconia a200, Samsung Galaxy S, Kindle Fire, etc.)
  3. Which version of the game do you have installed? (Version number can be found at the bottom of the Options menu (the orange gear icon in the corner of the game screen) for v1.2 and higher. If your Options menu doesn't display a version number or you can't access the Options menu, just let us know.)
  4. What, if anything, do you know about the ad? E.g., "It was an ad for Bertolli pasta sauce" or "It was a car ad and I saw the word 'Vungle' on the top of the ad." (Our two ad providers are Vungle and BrandBoost, so if you see either of these names during the ad, this is very helpful information.)
  5. How was the ad misbehaving? E.g., "The ad played but then I didn't receive my 40 turns" or "I got an hourglass like the ad was loading, but it never finished loading."

 Please send the log file and/or other information to .

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