Why aren't my turns recharging?

There are several possible reasons why your turns might not be recharging:

  • In version 1.89.4g (which is for Android only), there is a bug with turn recharging. Turns are incorrectly not recharging if you minimize or "switch away" from the Triple Town app rather than exiting the app. The bug is fixed in version 1.89.5g. If for some reason you don't want to upgrade to version 1.89.5g, please do one of the following to ensure that your turns recharge:
  • Turns only recharge if you have fewer than 150 remaining.
    • Possible reasons you might have more than 150 turns are if you are a brand new player (brand new players start with 1,500 turns) or if you bought/used items that increased your turns by a finite amount.
  • Recharging stops once your turns have reached 150. Even if you previously had more than 150, you can't go above that via recharging.
  • If you own the Unlimited Turns feature, your turns don't recharge because you can't use them up.
  • The computer version has Unlimited Turns automatically. Your turns don't recharge because you can't ever use them up.
  • On some versions of the game, a brand new player needs to run his or her initial allotment of 1,500 turns all the way down to 0 before recharging will occur the first time. (However once recharging does begin working, it should keep working even if you never hit 0 turns again.) Most newer versions don't have this requirement, but it doesn't hurt to try running your turns down to 0 to see if the recharging kicks in at that point.

If none of those situations apply to you, please contact us--perhaps there is a bug that needs to be investigated.

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