I lost my progress on a map. What happened? (TTm)

There are several known bugs that will reset your progress on certain maps. Fortunately, these are avoidable if you know what not to do. Until we are able to fix these bugs, please try to avoid the specific scenarios that cause them.

If your progress on a map was reset and none of these scenarios apply to your situation, please email and let us know. We're probably not yet aware of the problem, and so we probably aren't yet working on fixing it.

Finishing a Live Event, then clicking the "Start a new game" button before your prize is ready (Mobile version only)

Bug details

If you finish a Live Event and then click the "Start a new game" button too quickly, the game may not have time to get your prize ready. Eventually your prize it will be ready, and you can claim it from the Select A Map screen; however, your Standard Map progress will be reset the next time you choose that map.

How to avoid this bug

  1. After finishing a Live Event, wait on the Event Complete screen for a while (say 30 seconds) before clicking the "Start a new game" button.
  2. If you arrive at the Select A Map screen and are told that your prize is ready, then you've successfully avoided the bug. If not, your Standard Map data may be wiped the next time you choose that map.

Finishing a game and not choosing a map (Mobile version only) (We think this is fixed in v1.89.3)

Bug details

If you finish a game (either a Boom Town game or a normal "the game isn't over until the board is filled" game) and don't pick a new map before exiting the app, your Standard Map progress will be reset the next time you launch the app. It is always the Standard Map's progress that is reset, regardless of which board you'd just finished.

How to avoid this bug

  1. After finishing the game, click through the various screens that show how you scored until you get to the "Select a map" screen.
  2. Choose any of the maps. You don't have to play any moves; you just have to make sure that you're not still on the "Select a map" screen.
  3. Now you can safely exit the app.

Exiting the game when the board is completely blank (Mobile version only) (Appears to be fixed now)

Bug details

(This used to occur on the mobile version; however in our testing on the and 1.89.2i versions this doesn't seem to be occurring anymore on mobile. If you see that the problem has resurfaced, please let us know.)

Through the use of Imperial Bots and collecting of Treasure Chests, it is possible to clear all objects from the board. If you exit the game while in this state, the next time you enter the game the score on this map will be 0.

How to avoid this bug

  1. Ensure that there is at least one object on the board before exiting the game.
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