How do I know if my game is connected to the app market? (Mobile game only)

The mobile version of Triple Town can be played without an internet connection; however, certain actions (purchasing coins, restoring non-consumable purchases, etc.) do require a connection to the iTunes / Amazon / Google Play servers.

It is sometimes possible that Triple Town isn't able to connect to those servers even if you have an internet connection and even if other apps on your device are able to do so. To determine whether you're in this situation, please follow these screenshots:

  1. 1_Open_the_In-Game_Store.jpg
  2. 2_Choose_the_Buy_Coins_Tab.jpg
  3. 3a_Not_Connected_to_App_Market.jpg or 3b_Connected_to_App_Market.jpg


If you find that you're not connected to the app market, this page may help you to fix the problem.

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