How do I fix my game's connection to the app market? (TTm)

(If you're not sure whether your game is connected to the app market, please visit this page first, then return here if you're sure that it's not connected.)

If your game is unable to connect to the app market, unfortunately that is not a straightforward problem to solve. There are a number of things that could create this situation, not all of which are under your control or ours. Here are some things to check and/or try:

  • If playing on a Google Play device, ensure that at least one Google Account is set up on the device. Removing all Google Accounts will make the game unable to connect to the Google Play Store.

  • If your device has the ability to block In-App Purchases, make sure that In-App Purchasing is enabled on your device.

  • If "Parental Controls" are enabled, temporarily disable them.
  • Make sure that your device is not in "Airplane Mode".

  • Make sure that your device has a strong network connection and can access things on the internet.

  • If playing on an iOS device, try re-signing in to the App Store. To do this, follow the instructions on this page (but don't switch your Apple ID; just sign back into the same one you signed out of). Then launch Triple Town and start playing. After a few minutes, check to see if your game is connected to the App Store.

  • Go into your device settings and make it "forget" the current network connection. Then reestablish the network connection.

  • Try from a different wi-fi network. E.g., if you were at work, try from home or from the local coffee shop. (Basically we're trying to make sure that the problem isn't something specific to the wi-fi network, such as a firewall rule.)

  • Try again in a few hours. Perhaps the iTunes / Amazon / Google Play servers are temporarily down.

  • Some app markets don't allow *paid* transactions from certain geographies. Are you in such an area?
  • Is your app market's app installed on your device? E.g., in certain geographies not all Android phones have the Google Play app pre-installed.
  • Fully exit the Triple Town app, then try again. In some cases, once the game thinks you're unable to connect it's going to remember this status. Fully exiting and then relaunching the app will make it re-assess whether it can connect.
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