Why don't I see any animals? (Mobile game only)

There are several possible reasons for this:

  • You haven't bought the animals yet - Animals can be bought with coins or with real money. You can learn more here:
  • Your animals are disabled - You can enable them by following the instruction on this page:
  • There are not enough buildings - Animals emerge only from buildings (Churches, Huts, Mansions, etc.); they will not emerge from Trees, Rocks, Treasure Chests, etc. Also there is generally a maximum of one animal per building. So if, for example, the only objects on your map are 7 Grass and 2 Huts, you can expect at most 2 animals to be present on the screen.
  • There is some randomness in when animals spawn - Not every building will spawn an animal. So if you have 14 buildings on the map, you will probably have less than 14 animals onscreen unless you get very lucky.

If you're really not sure whether your animals are working, you can do this to test it:

  1. Disable all your animals as described here:
  2. Ensure that you have at least one building on the map.
  3. Enable all of your animals one-at-a-time as described here: . After you enable each animal, wait a few seconds and one animal of this type should emerge from one of the buildings on the map. Immediately following an enable is the only time we know of that an animal is guaranteed to emerge from a building; in other cases, the emergence of an animal from building is random.
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