Why aren't my achievements being recorded/displayed? (TTm)

There are a number of possible reasons for this (there are probably more, but these are the main ones).

Mobile version (iOS, Google Play, and Kindle Fire)

Applies to both Global and Local achievements

  • On some versions of the game there is a known bug in the "Sixth Sense" achievement. This achievement incorrectly does not trigger if your multiplier is 6.0 but will trigger if your multiplier is higher than 6.0. We hope to have this fixed in a future release.
  • On some versions of the game there is a known bug in the "Holy Person" achievement. This achievement incorrectly triggers when you create a Cathedral from 2 Churches and a Crystal, despite the achievement requirements clearly stating that the Cathedral has to be created without a Crystal.
  • In most cases, there is no on-screen notification when an achievement is earned (i.e., unless you open the Achievements menu you would never know). The exception to this is if your game is connected to Game Center at the time the achievement is earned; in this case, a little Game Center banner will briefly appear when an achievement is earned.
  • In more recent versions of the game, you are allowed to see either your Local Achievements or your Global Achievements; you cannot see both simultaneously. The instructions on this page will let you switch between the two.

Applies to Global achievements

  • On Google Play, there are no global achievements available in versions 1.54-1.87 or 1.88.1.
  • If you are not connected to Game Center / OpenFeint / GameCircle / Google+ at the time an achievement is earned, it will be awarded locally but not globally. Connecting to these services after the fact will not retroactively push the local achievements up to the Global level.
    • For the iOS and Google Play versions of the game, prior to version 1.54 of Triple Town the game did not automatically connect to Game Center or OpenFeint. (This was not a bug, but rather a design decision we made.) If you are playing on these versions and want your achievements posted to these services, then at the start of every play session you should open the Options menu (the orange gear icon in the corner) and tap High Scores --> Login to [Game Center / OpenFeint]. Then wait for a notification saying that you're connected (or it will take you to the Game Center / OpenFeint app if you already are connected). If you know that you're coming up on an achievement, you could do this again just prior to earning the achievement just to make sure that you haven't lost the connection.
    • On iOS, as of version 1.592, Triple Town will automatically try to reconnect to Game Center under some conditions. (You may be prompted to sign in to Game Center when this occurs.) You should be greeted by Game Center's "Welcome Back, user" message whenever this succeeds. If you are not greeted by this message but want to be connected to Game Center, you should should open the Options menu (the orange gear icon in the corner) and tap the Game Center icon. (In some cases, you will be instructed to switch to the Game Center app and sign in there first. If so instructed, please do so and then return to the Triple Town app.) After signing in, the buttons for accessing Local achievements and high scores will be replaced with buttons for accessing Game Center achievements and high scores, and on subsequent visits to the Options menu the Game Center icon will no longer be visible so long as you remain signed in.
  • On iOS as of Triple Town version 1.592, if an achievement is recorded locally but not globally, you are not able to earn the achievement at the global level even if you meet the requirements a second time. We hope to change this behavior in a future release. For now, one workaround you can consider is deleting and reinstalling the game, which clears the list of local achievements. (Note that if you delete and reinstall, you will lose your progress on all maps and your local high scores. Your coins may also reset to the default value, although in most of our tests the coin balance was retained on iOS devices. Unlimited Turns will not be automatically restored following the reinstallation; however they can be restored for free by following the instructions here so this should not be a factor in your decision.)

Applies to Local achievements

  • On iOS as of Triple Town version 1.592, Local achievements are not viewable if your game is connected to Game Center as the button for accessing them is replaced with the button for accessing Game Center achievements. (This was not a bug, but rather a design decision we made.) Your device is capturing the local achievements, and you are able to access them if you disconnect from Game Center. This will last until you re-connect the game to Game Center, at which time you won't be able to access your Local achievements again.
  • For the iOS and Google Play versions of the game, the Local achievement list is cleared each time you delete the game.
  • For the iOS and Google Play versions of the game, the Local achievements list is specific to each device. E.g., if you have Triple Town on both your phone and your tablet and earn an achievement on your phone, you should see the achievement in the Local achievement list on your phone but you will not see it on your tablet's Local achievement list.

Steam version

Steam leaderboards (both Global and Friends-only)

  • The play session in which your achievement is earned should be launched from the Steam dashboard, and Steam must be running when the achievement is earned. (The game does let you play offline, but your achievements will not be retroactively pushed up to Steam when you reconnect to it later.)
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