How do I send you a device log? (Triple Town)

If your mobile device is freezing or rebooting

  • If your device is freezing (no buttons will respond and you have to turn it off or pull the battery) or rebooting (the device goes through its whole startup sequence again), then:

If your mobile device is not freezing

  • Please follow the instructions on this page.

For people playing on their computer (Steam, Amazon, or GOG version)

Click somewhere on the game (e.g., on the water surrounding the Capital City), then press Ctrl-Shift-L. This may pop up a window with some logging information. If it does, please copy and paste that into a text file or Word document and email it to (It may also try to take you to a new URL rather than show you any logging information. If so, don't worry about trying to get us the logging information.) Don't paste the logging information directly into the body of an email as sometimes the contents get cut off and we can't see the end of the log; instead, make sure to paste the log into a text file or Word document and email us the file/document.

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