I purchased in-game coins, but they never appeared

Some users have reported that it can take up to 20 minutes for the coins to arrive. Please reboot your device and verify it’s connected to the internet, then launch the game and leave it running for at least 5 minutes (note: the game must be running; it's not enough to just have the device on. You can play Triple Town during this time if you’d like :) ). Please do NOT initiate another purchase; simply wait and see if the coins you've already purchased show up. We want to make sure that system delay is not at play here so that we don’t issue premature refunds. If the coins don't show up, even with the delay accounted for, please proceed to the next step.


Obtaining a refund: if the coins never arrived and you have been charged for them, please email us at with the following information:

  1. Tell us that you waited for your coins as instructed in the above paragraph. If you contact us about missing coins and don't mention this, we will write you back and ask. (I.e., it will take you longer to get your refund.)
  2. Which device are you playing on? (iPhone 4, Acer Iconia a200, Samsung Galaxy S, Kindle Fire, etc.)
  3. Which version of Operating System is your device running? (iOS 5.0.1, Android 2.2.1, CyanogenMod7, MIUI, etc.)
  4. Which version of the game do you have installed? (version number can be found at the bottom of the options menu (the orange gear icon) for v1.2 and higher. If your options menu doesn't display a version number, please let us know)
  5. What is the email address associated with the iTunes / Amazon / Google Play account for which the coins were purchased?
  6. Please forward us the receipt. (You should have received an email from iTunes / Amazon / Google)
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