How do I turn off auto-updating? (Mobile version only)

If you want to turn off automatic updating for Triple Town, please follow the directions below appropriate to your platform. One reason you might want to do this is if the current version of Triple Town isn't working for you and so we've temporarily given you an older version. Note that in Step 7 the messages for whether you've turned it on or off are very similar; make sure that you've set your correctly.

Google Play

  1. Turn_Off_Auto_Update_Google_Play_01.jpg
  2. Turn_Off_Auto_Update_Google_Play_02.jpg
  3. Turn_Off_Auto_Update_Google_Play_03.jpg
  4. Turn_Off_Auto_Update_Google_Play_04.jpg
  5. Turn_Off_Auto_Update_Google_Play_05.jpg
  6. Turn_Off_Auto_Update_Google_Play_06.jpg
  7. Turn_Off_Auto_Update_Google_Play_07.jpg
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