Why aren't my high scores being recorded/displayed? (Triple Town)

There are a number of possible reasons for this (there are probably more, but these are the main ones).

Mobile version (iOS, Google Play, and Kindle Fire)

Applies to both Global and Local high scores

  • High scores are only recorded at the end of the game, when you've filled the board AND clicked the "Settlement finished! Click to see awards" button. (This is different than the Facebook version of the game where your weekly high score is constantly recorded.)
  • You are allowed to see either your Local high scores or your Global high scores, but you cannot see both simultaneously. The instructions on this page will let you switch between the two.

Applies to Global high scores

  • On Google Play, there are no global leaderboards available for Triple Town versions 1.54-1.87 and 1.88.1.
  • If you are not connected to Game Center / GameCircle / Google+ (whichever service is appropriate to your version of the game) at the time a score is earned, it will not be written to the global leaderboard. Connecting to these services after the fact will not retroactively push the local scores up to the Global level.
    • To sign in to iOS Game Center, follow these instructions.
    • To sign in to Google+, follow these instructions.
    • Sign-in to Amazon Game Circle is automatic unless you've disabled it. When you launch the game, a banner comes up briefly informing you about Game Circle, and you can click the banner to adjust your Game Circle settings.
  • There is a feature in place to automatically discard scores over a certain threshold. This threshold is 30M on Google+ (except for the Robin Bear map which is newer and has a 40M threshold) and 40M on Game Center (increased from 30M on 2013-09-10). We do this because some people hack their games to pretend they've earned really high scores when in fact they haven't, and we don't want the leaderboards littered with these fake scores. We have heard from some players who have claimed to legitimately exceed these point thresholds and lose their spot on the leaderboard because of this feature. If this happened to you, we are very sorry, but you can take pride in knowing that you are one of the best of the best. As a small consolation, the local high score list may have a copy of the score if you are interested in taking a screenshot of that and sharing it with your friends. To access the local high score list, please follow the directions on these pages:

Applies to Local high scores

  • The displaying of Local high scores is map-specific. E.g., if you played several games on Peaceful Valley then switched to Bear Attack and opened the Local high score list, you would not see any of your Peaceful Valley scores. But if you switched back to Peaceful Valley and opened the Local high score list, you would see the scores you had earned there. If you weren't aware of this, you might think that your score wasn't recorded when in fact you were just looking in the wrong place.
  • For the iOS and Google Play versions of the game, the Local high score list is deleted each time you uninstall the game.
  • For the iOS and Google Play versions of the game, the Local high score list is specific to each device. E.g., if you have Triple Town on both your phone and your tablet and finish a game on your phone, you should see the score in your Local high score list on your phone but you will not see it on your tablet's Local high score list.

Steam version

Steam leaderboards (both Global and Friends-only)

  • The play session in which your game is completed should be launched from the Steam dashboard, and Steam must be running when the game is completed. (The game does let you play offline, but your scores will not be retroactively pushed up to the leaderboards when you later reconnect to Steam.)
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