The game won't let me buy "Unlimited Turns" (mobile version)

(Note: The instructions on this page are only for folks who are trying to buy Unlimited Turns for the first time. If you've had Unlimited Turns in the past and are trying to get them back, please follow the instructions on this page instead.)

Q: I tap on the thing to buy Unlimited Turns and it doesn’t let me continue! I want to buy Unlimited Turns!

There are several possible reasons for this. Please start by following the screenshots shown on this page.

We know that there are several paths to purchasing Unlimited Turns, but the directions shown on that page will reveal the most about what the problem is. Those directions will do three things:

  • If the game is not connected to the app market, you'll know because it will say that the item is Unavailable. If this happens, this page has some suggestions for fixing this issue.
  • You'll try the purchase again--sometimes the purchase just doesn't succeed the first time for some reason. But don't worry about being charged twice; this item is set up with the app markets such that each account can only be charged once for Unlimited Turns!
  • A common problem on older versions of the game is that people tried to purchase Unlimited Turns by mistakenly clicking a button that actually does something different. Following the screenshots will ensure that you're clicking the correct button.

If it still doesn't work, please email and let us know that you tried following the directions in this FAQ (please include the hyperlink to this FAQ--we have many FAQs). If you received any error messages, please let us know about those as well--word-for-word if possible (a screenshot is even better if the error is in English since it will avoid typos).


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