Xperia Android 4 ("Ice Cream Sandwich" or "ICS") issues

Triple Town has a problem on a number of Xperia devices running Android 4.0 ("Ice Cream Sandwich" or "ICS"). The problem is basically that game does not respond to tapping on the touchscreen. We have many users playing on non-Xperia devices running ICS; however, we have heard complaints from Xperia users with the ICS upgrade. Unfortunately, a number of these Xperia users have reported that they experience the problem in other games as well, and our development team has concluded that the problem is probably not something within our power to fix. (In order to work on your device, Triple Town relies on not just software written by Spry Fox but also on hardware, software, and drivers from many other companies. So sometimes a bug in the game isn't something that we have control over fixing, and we think that this is one such case.)

We are sorry we don't have better news for you :(. We do hope that the bug will be fixed soon so that you and all of the other Xperia customers running ICS can return to playing. 

Triple Town is available and free-to-play on Facebook and Google+. If you belong to either of those social networks, please consider playing there until such time as you can play on your Xperia again.

** (2012-07-24) We've recently heard from a few Xperia customers running ICS that the game is not encountering this issue on their devices. We aren't sure what is making the difference, but one possibility is that the relevant company has put out a fix for the problem. If you were having this problem and are no longer having it after taking a patch of some sort, please let us know.

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