How do I sign into the Game Center Leaderboards / Achievements? (TTm, iOS devices only)

Please follow the screenshots below to sign into the Game Center Leaderboards / Achievements. Please note that you will not have access to your Local High Scores and Achievements while you are signed in. To access your Local High Scores and Achievements, you need to sign out of Game Center.

Important: Before doing these steps, first fully exit your Triple Town app. The game may not recognize that you've signed into Game Center unless you exit your Triple Town app.

Signing into Game Center

  1. Open the Settings app, look for the Game Center section, and sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Launch Triple Town.
  3. Wait while the game loads.
  4. Actually there are two loading screens to wait through. The first didn't have a loading bar; this one does.
  5. The game may automatically connect to Game Center. If so, skip down to Step 7. If not, click the gear icon to open the Options Menu.
  6. Click the Game Center icon.
  7. Now that the game is connected to Game Center, the leaderboards/achievements options will take you to the Game Center leaderboards/achievements rather than the local high score/achievements lists.
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