What is Game Center and how do I use it with Triple Town? (iOS devices only)

What is Game Center?

Game Center is Apple's solution for social gaming on its iOS products (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad). You can learn more here:

How do I get the Game Center app?

The Game Center app should come pre-installed on your iOS device.


Do I have to use Game Center to play Triple Town?

Triple Town can be played with or without using Game Center. Many people choose to play Triple Town without Game Center, but many people choose to play with Game Center. You can switch back and forth at any time.

How do I use Game Center with Triple Town?

To get started, you need to do these things:

  1. Sign in to Game Center
  2. (Optional) Find your friends in Game Center
  3. Connect Triple Town to Game Center

After you've done that, you can play Triple Town as normal, but with the following perks:

You can also exit from from Game Center if you'd rather not post your scores and achievements for some reason.

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